On the premises there are SAUNA and RUSSIAN TUB.
To use them, you need to arrange the time of arrival the day before, so that we have time to prepare it. People coming to us for one night do not have the opportunity to use the Russian tub due to its long preparation time.

Terms of use of the tub

  1. Before entering the hot tub, you must read the above Regulations.
  2. The use of the tub is tantamount to acceptance of all provisions of these Regulations.
  3. The use of the hot tub is only allowed for persons over 16 years of age.
  4. When using the hot tub, you must strictly follow the instructions for use, instructions and information provided by the hosts.

The hot tub can only be used by healthy people or people whose ailments are not contraindications to the use of treatments. By entering the tub, the user confirms that his health allows for this form of recreation

In particular, the following persons are prohibited from entering the tub:

  • with heart diseases, hypertension and diseases of blood vessels,
  • with thyroid diseases, claustrophobia, epilepsy, acute rheumatic conditions,
  • with cancer, acute infections and asthmatic conditions,
  • with increased body temperature,
  • women during menstruation and pregnancy,
  • tired, under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

    Before entering the tub you should:
  • remove all metal objects,
  • remove glasses and contact lenses 
  • wash the whole body thoroughly in the shower with soap and then wipe it dry,
  • take off shoes,
  • The tub is a zone in which you are in bathing suits ("textile zone"), which means that you must put on a bathing suit when entering the tub.
  • It is forbidden to put any objects (towels, bathrobes, etc.) on or near the stove.
  • Only the hosts can light the fire in the hot tub stove.
  • You must not use any liquids, essences, oils or other substances when using the hot tub.
  • Do not touch the elements of the heater in the tub, those protruding from the surface or those immersed in water - they can be very hot!
  • Using banya is tantamount to the fact that the person has read and accepts all the above points of the regulations.
  • The owner of the facility is not responsible for accidents and health effects caused by non-compliance with these regulations and instructions of the staff.

Terms of use of the sauna
Please read the regulations before entering the sauna.
Using the sauna is tantamount to acceptance of all provisions of these Regulations.

  1. When using the sauna rooms, it is absolutely necessary to comply with the instructions for use, instructions and information provided by the host.
  2. Only healthy and adult people can use the sauna.
  3. People staying in the sauna declare their full physical and health capacity to use these types of treatments and are responsible for their health.
  4. Sauna users are obliged to observe order and keep the room used clean.
  5. Before entering the sauna, you should take a bath with soap to remove all cosmetics and impurities from the body.
  6. Do not sit directly on wooden surfaces.
  7. You must sit on your own dry towel in the sauna.
  8. The towel should be spread out so that no part of the body is in contact with the surface of the seat.
  9. We stay in the sauna as long as we feel pleasant and comfortable there.
  10. Do not pour excessive amounts of water on the stones.
  11. The resulting water vapor has a boiling point and can cause burns!
  12. Remove metal jewelry to avoid possible burns.
  13. Do not wear glasses or contact lenses in the sauna.
  14. When using the sauna, you should try to relax your muscles and achieve as much mental relaxation as possible: keep calm and quiet.
  15. It is not recommended to use soap after using the sauna during body cooling treatments.
  16. In the sauna area it is forbidden to: enter in clothes and shoes, bring in dishes, food and any foreign objects, bring in alcoholic beverages, behave inappropriately or behave generally considered indecent or offensive, smoke, destroy and damage the equipment.

The following persons cannot use the sauna:

  • patients with heart disease, hypertension and vascular diseases;
  • patients with thyroid, claustrophobia, epilepsy, rheumatic conditions, cancer, acute infections and asthmatic conditions;
  • women during pregnancy and menstruation;
  • elderly, weakened and intoxicated;
  • with any health problems in which physical effort may even potentially threaten their health or life;
  • immediately after intensive endurance training, Using the sauna is always at your own risk

Regulations applicable in "WITOWIAŃSKIE DOMKI"

Please refer to the rules applicable in our property. This will allow both parties to avoid unpleasant situations. We will be grateful for your cooperation in complying with these regulations, which are intended to ensure a pleasant and peaceful rest.

  1. Immediately after arrival, the owner gives guests the keys and the house, provides information on how to use the kitchen equipment, fireplace, recreation area. In the presence of the host, you should check the condition of the facility, report any reservations or doubts, then read the rental regulations and the regulations regarding the use of the outdoor sauna and tub (attachment 1 - basket on the windowsill) and the instructions for smoking in the fireplace.
  2. From the moment of taking over the house, you become responsible for it, are financially liable in the event of any damage, even if the damage was caused by unintentional fault.The Guest should notify the Host of the damage immediately after finding it.
  3. The payment for the stay is made on the day of arrival. The guest leaves the house in order, dishes washed (dishwasher packed and turned on), fridge emptied, rubbish placed in front of the house.
  4. Check-in starts at. 16.00 on the day of arrival, ends at 10.00 on the day of departure.
  5. In the event of not using all or part of the stay within the previously booked period, guests are not entitled to a refund of the amount paid or a reduction in the price of the service for the unused period.
  6. Unregistered persons may stay in the house with the consent of the owner from 7.00 to 22.00, they cannot use recreational equipment, sauna and tub. Sauna and hot tub are available exclusively for our guests up to 1 hour per day per cottage. They are open in the evening (from 18.00 to 22.00) alternately, i.e. a sauna one day, a tub the other. With strong winds, it is not possible to heat the hot tub. The date must be agreed the day before with the Host.
  7. Car parking is allowed only in the place indicated by the Owner immediately upon arrival. Parking on the premises is unguarded. The owner of Witowiańskie Domki is not responsible for damage, theft of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest.
  8. Smoking, water pipes, open fire - candles, kerosene lamps - are strictly prohibited in the cottage - the exception is the places designated outside - ashtrays.
  9. It is forbidden to use towels for purposes other than personal hygiene, in the event of a stain on the towel, the Guest will be charged for the purchase of a new towel.
  10. Quiet hours are from 22.00 to 7.00.
  11. The guest is responsible for all personal belongings in the cottages.
  12. The stay of unregistered persons in the house after 22.00 is tantamount to the consent of the lessor of the house to accommodate these persons for a fee.
  13. Children staying on the premises of the facility should be under constant supervision of legal guardians, therefore they are responsible for their safety and are financially liable for any damage caused as a result of their children's actions.
  14. Each time a guest leaving the house, he should turn off the TV, turn off the light, turn off the taps and close the windows and doors.
  15. The owner is not responsible for interruptions in media supplies caused by e.g. temporary lack of electricity, water, internet.
  16. Pets cannot be left unattended in the house. For safety reasons on the property, dogs must be kept on a leash. The owner of the animal is responsible for damages caused by animals.
  17. In the event of a serious violation of the provisions of the Regulations, the Landlord is entitled to shorten the period of the Guest's stay and order to immediately leave the facility.
  18. Failure to read the regulations does not release the Lessor from responsibility for the house and safety when using the recreational area.
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